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Ion Chromatography Evaluations

Ion Chromatography Evaluations

A state of art facility for Ion Chromatographic evaluations with feasibility of isocratic, gradient, reagent free techniques, and conductivity &erometric detectors is available with Analytical Solutions.

Apart from equipment facility we have expertise in this field due to exposure of working with world renowned vendor in Ion Chromatography.

The experience of handling various analysis & developments in Ion Chromatography is evident with the following list:

Lists of Validated/Verified Method at ANALYTICAL SOLUTIONS

  1. NMP Content in Cefepime HCL for injection & API
  2. Impurity H in Amiodarone HCL API
  3. Sulphate and SulphamateConetnt in Topiramate Tablets & API
  4. Azide Content (impurity B) in Irbesartan API
  5. Methane Sulphonic Acid in Famciclovir API
  6. Acetic Acid Content in Montelukast Sodium API
  7. Acetate and Formate Content in Aspartame API
  8. Metabisulfite in Clindamycin Palmitate Syrup
  9. Fluoride Content in Duloxitine HCL
  10. Cyanide Content in Venlafaxine HCL
  11. Phosphate binding capacity of Sevelamar HCL
  12. Phosphate binding Capacity of Cal. Acetate capsules
  13. Free calcium in Cal. Acetate capsules
  14. Phosphate binding capacity of Sevelamar Carbonate
  15. Cyanide Content in ANZ II
  16. Cyanide Content in Lamotrigine API
  17. Cyanide Content in PEG Filagrastine Liquid
  18. Cyanide Content in Gabapentin API
  19. Sodium Content in LatanoprostOpth. Solutions
  20. Fluoride Content in Diltiazem HCL API
  21. Phosphate binding capacity ofLanthanum CarbonateTab
  22. Formic Acid Content in Venlafaxine HCL API
  23. Cyanide Content in Anagrelide HCL API
  24. Cyanide Content in Rivastigmine Hydrogen Titrate API
  25. Allayamine Content in Sevelamar Carbonate Oral Sus
  26. Cyanide Content in Phentermine HCL API

Other Special IC tests

Related Substances of Neomycin So4 (BP,EP), Gentamycin Sulphate (USP, EP&BP), Amikacin Sulp. (EP)
Trace level Analysis of Cyanide
Estimation of Anions, Cation, catalysts, Transition elements etc.

Any test on Ion Chromatography as per Pharmacopoieal monograph.