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Calibration Services

Calibration Services

CALIBRATION, simply put, is the standardization of a measuring instrument. It is achieved by a set of operations that relate the values / quantities indicated by the measuring instrument against an accurate traceable standard in order to determine any deviation and correct the same for errors.

Any industry, whether in manufacturing or service sector, must have accurate and reliable measurements if they are to achieve their quality and safety goals. We have the latest instruments, standards, knowledge and skills to calibrate Metrology ie Dimensions, Thermal, Force & Pressure, Mass & Volume, Mechanical, Electro Technical, Analytical, High Volume Sampler. Our standards have tracibility to national / international standards, so the customers can be assured as to the accuracy of their instrument.

Calibration, which is a process of comparison, is therefore associated with a level of uncertainty. Our reports indicate the uncertainty associated with measurements. Our team works keeping the ‘Clients requirements’ as the focus.