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Metallurgy for Non Metallurgist

This course is basically meant for engineers in quality, manufacturing, vendor development disciplines in automobile,metal processing or defence industries. this course will provide the trainee with a high-level overview on Metallurgy used in practical applications. This course is a complete hands-on training allowing you to perform various test methods yourself. Candidate will receive individual instructions while the tests are being carried out.

The course is designed to:-

✲ Providing knowledge of various IS or ASTM Standards and requirements of such standards. Letting students know of various requirements of tests under each standard so that they become aware of specification requirements.

✲ Imparting training to conduct various physical tests such as Tensile, 0.2% Proof Stress, Hardness, Charpy Impact, Bend, Flattening,

✲ Micro-Examination and Macro-Etch tests, including classes for preparation of various Physical test Specimen for Tensile, Impact test so on and so forth.

✲ In-depth exposure to various methods of Chemical Analysis. Please note that learning of Chemical Analysis, particularly by WET method, will be a separate program suitable for your Chemist. Most engineers only need to be aware of various methods, how they are performed and limitations of various methods.

✲ Additional courses for Non Destructive and Hydraulic Pressure Testing. Upon special cases we can arrange for training to ASNT level I and II as well.

🔹 Day 1: Introduction & General Information regarding Program & ISO 17025

🔹 Day 2: Exposure to various standard specifications

🔹 Day 3: Physical Test Method & Specification

🔹 Day 4: Sample preparation Method for Physical Testing

🔹 Day 5: Hardness Testing - Brinell

🔹 Day 6: Hardness Testing - Vickers / Rockwell

🔹 Day 7: Tensile & Proof Load Testing

🔹 Day 8: Tensile & Proof Load Testing

🔹 Day 9: Elevated Temp ensile Testing

🔹 Day 10: Metallography & Micro Examination

🔹 Day 11: Macroetch Testing

🔹 Day 12: Impact Testing (Charpy/Izod )

🔹 Day 13: Impact Testing as per ASTM

🔹 Day 14: Introduction to NACE Corrosion Testing

🔹 Day 15: Intergranular Corrosion Testing

🔹 Day 16: Flattening / Bend / Flaring / Flanging / Compression / Cupping Testing

🔹 Day 17: Salt Spray Testing & Hydraulic Pressure Testing

🔹 Day 18: Introduction to Chemical Analysis Methods (Spectro / WET / XRF / ICP / AAS)

🔹 Day 20: Chemical Analysis by Spectrometer & Sample Preparation

🔹 Day 21: Chemcial Analysis by WET Method / Specification Matching

🔹 Day 22: Chemcial Analysis by ICP / AAS Method

🔹 Day 23: Chemcial Analysis by XRF (Positive Material identification Test)

🔹 Day 24: Chemcial Analysis by XRF (Positive Material identification Test)

🔹 Day 25: Introduction to NDT Methods

🔹 Day 26: Ultrasonic Testing

🔹 Day 27: Ultrasonic Testing

🔹 Day 28: D P Testing

🔹 Day 29: Magnetic Particle Testing

🔹 Day 30: Introduction to X Ray Eddy Current Testing

✲ Please note that this program will cover just an introduction to various tests methods and may not make a student perfect in all areas. This will definitely improve his overall knowledge and make him aware of different aspects of testing

✲ All the training will be hands on training and you get all instructions while tests are being carried out.

✲ Duration: 30 days

✲ Pre-requisites: Candidate should have a minimum of Diploma in any Engineering or a Science Graduate. This class will be conducted when there are a minimum of 4 students per batch.