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Mechanical Testing

Mechanical Testing Services

Modi Lab provides a comprehensive and exhaustive range of mechanical testing services with a dedicated machine workshop for the preparation of precision test specimens, which is an extremely important step in the final evaluation of various mechanical properties. The test specimens can be imagined as specialized engineering components in which a known stress or strain state is applied and the material properties are inferred from the resulting mechanical response. Test specimens are prepared for metallic and non-metallic materials according to the accepted national and international test protocols like IS, ASTM, BS etc.

The Mechanical properties of a material reflect its response to external forces. Mechanical engineering tests are performed to quantitatively determine various mechanical properties of materials. Measuring the mechanical properties/strength of materials (Raw materials & Finished products) is of paramount importance while deciding about their potential performance, and also indicates whether there are inherent flaws in their designs. Important Mechanical properties include Strength (Tensile, Yield & Tear), Hardness, Impact resistance, Fatigue resistance, ductility, toughness, brittleness, etc. Knowledge of such properties gives a fundamental idea about the performance of the test materials under a wide variety of actual-use conditions and environments, and hence guides the user of the product about its suitability which eventually helps in the commercial decision-making process. The results of Mechanical tests are used for two primary purposes: (1) Engineering Design & Development/Construction, and 2) Quality Control, either by the product manufacturer to verify the process used or by the end user to confirm the conformity of the test material to the relevant specifications.

Modi has a fully equipped and competent in-house Mechanical Testing Facility to provide precise, reproducible and reliable determination of various Mechanical tests like Tensile strength, Compressive strength, Bend/re-bend test, Impact test (Charpy), Flattening test, Hardness test, weldability and tests of various other mechanical and engineering properties. Modi also specializes in Proof Stress test and Tensile test at elevated temperatures. Tests are meticulously conducted as per various national and international standards like IS, ASTM, BS, ISO, etc. or client-specified standards, and the compliance of test items to various specifications is properly and accurately decided.

Research & Development

⊛ Tension tests on products(2)

⊛ Brinell Hardness Tests

⊛ Rockwell Hardness Tests

⊛ Rockwell Tests using B, C scales

⊛ Vickers Hardness Tests

⊛ Micro hardness Tests

⊛ Impact tests, Charpy, Izod, BS & ASTM, upto -196 °C Transverse and Shear Tests

⊛ Bend Test on reinforcement for concrete Tests on HTS wire

⊛ Tests on Tubes-Flattening

⊛ Tension and Crushing Tests

Major Equipments Used for Testing

  • ➤ Compression Testing Machine 200 Tons.
  • ➤ Micro Hardness Tester 20 gms- 1000 gms
  • ➤ Impact Tester(Charpy/Izod)
  • ➤ Profile Projector
  • ➤ Computerized UTM (40 & 100 Tons)
  • ➤ Hardness Rockwell & Vickers
  • ➤ Erischen Cupping Test
  • ➤ Charpy Tester - ASTM
  • ➤ Charpy/Izod Tester (BS)
  • ➤ Servo Hydraulic Automatic UTM
  • ➤ Surface Roughness Tester
  • ➤ Coating Thickness Tester
  • ➤ Portable Hardness Tester
  • ➤ Broaching Type Notch Cutter