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In Process Quality

In Process Quality Inspectio

For Engineering components, Hard lines, Soft lines etc

We have over the year built long lasting relationships with our buyers and are giving them personalized services in India.

Special emphasis is laid on quality and we apply effective steps to assure the quality of the products.

We follow strict quality management systems and involve our selves in all the aspects of manufacturing with different stages of quality control, right from procurement and assembling of the products to the final packaging and shipping.

We capitalize on the expertise of our quality management team, which includes Quality Controllers, Measurement checkers at various levels. The parameters on which our quality assurance model is based upon include: the in-process all the way to final product inspection. Our in-process inspections are canalized towards determining the defects, if any, in the procured product line and informing the same to the respective manufacturers. It also involves the shortcomings addressed by the manufacturers themselves, while the production process is still in progress. Thereafter, the final product inspection is carried out just before the shipment, to assure that the consignment is to the approved buyers standard.