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Food & Agro Product Testing Services

Food & Agro Product Testing Services

Quality of Food Products is a critical factor which affects every individual in this fast changing world. The rise in the economic standard of people around the world and the increase in the production of Processed Food have led to the global appreciation of the concept of Quality Food Testing. The definition and ways of characterizing Food Quality have undergone a vast change in the last few decades. The concerns about the Quality of Food Testing not only encompass the issues of basic attributes, like Taste, Aroma, Feel, Appearance, Nutritional Values, but also the very important requirement of Human Safety. A number of regulations are being enforced from time to time in relation to Food Quality Parameters.

Food reaches Consumers via various types of supply chains that may connect different types of organizations like Manufacturers, Transport and Storage, Distributors, Retailers, Caterers, etc. Food Safety hazards can occur in the Food Chain at any stage, hence adequate Quality Control is required to be exercised at every step throughout the supply chain. The establishment of adequate Quality Control can be effectively brought about through Standardized Laboratory Testing. The accurate, reliable, & reproducible Test Results provided by Third Party Testing Laboratories play a vital role in evaluation of the Quality of Food Products. The services of such laboratories are being used by Food Industry, Exporters & Importers of Food Products, Academic and Research Institutions, Nodal Agencies, Regulatory Authorities, & Consumers.

Testing of Food Products can be broadly divided into three categories: Physical, Chemical & Microbiological.

Major Routine Tests are:

☸ Physical, Visual examination and Grading

☸ Organoleptic (Sensory) tests

☸ Proximate & Nutritional analysis

☸ Presence of Adulterants

☸ Chemical parameters like pH, moisture, Ash, Acidity, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fat content, Energy Value, Filth content

☸ Testing of Micronutrients like Minerals & Vitamins

☸ Presence & Quantification of Adulterants as well as Contaminants

☸ Residue Analysis – Pesticide Residues, Mycotoxin Residues, Antibiotics & Drugs Residues, etc.

☸ Microbiological testing of Total Bacterial Count, Coliform, Yeast & Mould, E-coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus Aureus etc.

The Food testing division of Modi Laboratary is fully equipped to provide complete testing solutions for a wide range of Food Products, be it raw or processed. It can also provide services in the field of Research & Development of new Food Products. Being a NABL accredited Food Laboratory, Modi Laboratary scrupulously follows the guidelines and mandatory requirements specified in ISO 17025. To maintain its competence in providing accurate & reliable Testing Services, Modi Laboratary regularly participates in Inter-Laboratory Comparison (ILC) studies and Proficiency Testing (PT) Programs. The Testing Activities conducted at Modi Laboratary are accomplished using various National and International Test Methods such as IS, PFA, AOAC, USFDA, PAM, BAM, EPA etc. Modi Laboratary is equipped with the most

sophisticated instruments like:

  • 💠 LC-MS/MS (of Agilent Technologies)
  • 💠 GC-MS
  • 💠 GC (FID and ECD detectors)
  • 💠 HPLC (UV-Vis detector)
  • 💠 HPTLC
  • 💠 DSC-TGA
  • 💠 HPLC (Fluorescence detector)
  • 💠 ICP-OES
  • 💠 Polarimeter
  • 💠 AAS
  • 💠 UV-Vis Modi Laboratary photometer
  • 💠 FT-IR

Recently Modi Laboratary has procured approval from the ‘Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’ (FSSAI) for testing of Food Products entering into the Indian market. FSSAI is a Centralized Statutory Body created with the purpose of specifying Standard Methods and Specifications for Food Products, and to regulate their manufacturing in order to ensure the Safety and Quality of Food for human consumption.

Some of the Food Products Tested at Modi Laboratary :

  • 💠 Cereals, Pulses, & Grains
  • 💠 Processed Food, Ready-to-Eat & Ready-to-Cook Food
  • 💠 Cooking Oils like Vegetable Oils, Refined Oils etc.
  • 💠 Dairy Products like Milk, Butter, Paneer, Ghee etc.
  • 💠 Meat, Poultry products, Fish products etc.
  • 💠 Juices, Jams, Jellies, ketchups, & Pickles
  • 💠 Fruits & Vegetables
  • 💠 Snacks, Biscuits, Namkeens, Papad etc.
  • 💠 Spices & Condiments
  • 💠 Ice-Creams & Confectionaries
  • 💠 Alcoholic & Non-alcoholic Beverages
  • 💠 Water for Drinking Purpose

Specialized Testing Services Provided by Modi Laboratary

  • 💠 Pesticide Residue Analysis
  • 💠 Antibiotic Residue Analysis
  • 💠 Toxic Elements/ Heavy Metals in Foods
  • 💠 Mycotoxins Residual Analysis
  • 💠 Food Contaminants
  • 💠 Fat Profile in Processed Food
  • 💠 Microbiological Contaminant Study
  • 💠 Shelf Life Study
  • 💠 Mycotoxins Residual Analysis
  • 💠 Determination of Sudan Red Dyes in Chillies, Spices, Namkeens & Snacks
  • 💠 Determination of Malachite Green & Leucomalachite Green in Food Products
  • 💠 Determination of Melamine Content in Food Products
  • 💠 Determination of Pentachlorophenol (PCP) in Guar gum
  • 💠 Essential Oil Profiling