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Coal and Mineral

Coal & Mineral Inapection

Modi Laboratory can certify their true value of many commodities by independent inspection, sampling and testing. We have qualified and experienced Inspectors and Chemists who can deliver reliable and quality results. So if your interest lies in ores, concentrates, finished steel, coal and coke or ferro-alloys, trust Modi Laboratory to assist you in achieving a commercial settlement which truly represents the value of the consignment.

Our Services Include:-

  • ➢ Container stuffing.
  • ➢ Loading and Discharging survey.
  • ➢ Visual inspections.
  • ➢ Precision weighing by weighbridge or high precision balances.
  • ➢ Representative sampling.
  • ➢ Draft surveys.
  • ➢ Moisture determination
  • ➢ Supervision of unpacking, loading and discharge.
  • ➢ Vessel hatch/hold inspection
  • ➢ Contractual advice
  • ➢ Security audits
  • ➢ Party and umpire testing.

Pre-shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection is offered to exporters and importers and comprises a detailed inspection of equipment or materials after manufacture, but prior to shipment. Scope can include Quality & Quality, Packing & Marking and Supervision of Loading. A Certificate of Inspection can be provided against a Letter of Credit and authorized by a Chamber of Commerce.

We also offer a host of specifically developed sampling techniques to ensure an accurate representation of the cargo is taken. Our skilled staff can oversee the drawing of these samples, or take them manually if required.

Testing Services

Modi Laboratoryrecently invested in a state-of-art metals & minerals testing laboratory. At Modi Laboratory we know that time equals money. That is why we are proud of our industry leading turnaround times. Through our network of specific minerals and metals testing laboratories we can provide an independent determination of quality when you need it.

Our services include:

  • ➢ Metals and minerals - Using Inductively Coupled Plasma - MS (ICP-MS)
  • ➢ Classical wet bench chemistry as well as technologically advanced instrument determination
  • ➢ Verification of material condition and segregation
  • ➢ Representative testing of samples
  • ➢ Moisture determination
  • ➢ Visual assessment of quality

Coal Sampling and Analysis

Modi Laboratory has established its own coal testing laboratories at many locations in India and also in Indonesia. It has plans to setup more labs at places like Dubai, Muscat, South Africa etc.

Superintending Services

Modi Laboratory can now deliver accurate, timely and reliable superintending services with integrity to the coal trading community. Through our experienced surveyors and technicians, we can help to minimize losses and maintain quality at various stages of the coal production process, its transportation at origin and destination.

Quantity Determination

The quantity is determined by:

☸ weight/volume of coal at stockpile by using a theodolit

☸ weight of coal for loading/discharging to/from barge and/or vessel determined by draught survey method as per the United Nations Economic Commission (UNEC / ESC) standard

Modi Laboratory Coal Laboratory can analyze and certify quality of coal originating from pre-shipment and/or stock pile before loading. We also offer quality certification services for coal sampled during loading and discharging.


  • ➢ Run Of Mine (ROM)
  • ➢ Production coal from conveyor belts or falling streams
  • ➢ Stockpiles
  • ➢ Pre-shipment inspection

Coal Analysis

Complete evaluation of thermal coals, including:-

  • ➢ Total Moisture
  • ➢ Proximate Analysis
  • ➢ Ultimate Analysis
  • ➢ Specific Energy / Calorific Value
  • ➢ Hardgrove Grindability Index
  • ➢ Ash Analysis
  • ➢ Ash Fusion Temperature
  • ➢ Trace Elements
  • ➢ Total Mercury
  • ➢ Total Arsenic and Selenium Content
  • ➢ Total Chlorine and Fluorine
  • ➢ Carbonate Carbon as Carbon Dioxide
  • ➢ Total Sulfur
  • ➢ Size Analysis

Stockpile Measurement Services by Laser Survey

Modi Laboratory can measure and quantify dry bulk inventory stockpiles, such as coal and petroleum coke, using advanced laser surveying technology. Laser surveying provides faster stockpile measurement times, better accuracy, and real time results. This laser survey accurately determines the volume of an irregularly-faced stockpile, without the necessity of complete stockpile grooming. In fact, minimal stockpile grooming is ideal for best results.

Inspection reports include 3D images of the stockpile, and can be quickly produced.

Laser surveying experts measure bulk inventory stockpiles, including coal, minerals, petroleum-coke, agricultural products and dry bulk chemicals.

Petroleum Coke and Fly Ash Testing

Modi Laboratory can provide testing and inspection for petroleum coke (pet-coke), metallurgical coke (met-coke) and fly ash products. ASTM, ISO, and other pet-coke and fly ash test methods are used.

The test methods conform to ASTM, ISO and other standards:-

  • ➢ Coke Sampling, D2234-00
  • ➢ Pet Coke Sample Preparation, D346-98
  • ➢ Total Moisture Test, D3302-02, D2961
  • ➢ Moisture Analysis, D3173-00, ISO 11722/331
  • ➢ Ash Test, D3174-00, ISO 1171
  • ➢ Volatile Matter, D3175-01, ISO 562
  • ➢ Sulphur Analysis, D4239-02, ISO 351
  • ➢ Sulphur by Eschka, D3177-02, ISO 334
  • ➢ Quinoline Insolubles, ASTM D2318
  • ➢ Toluene Insolubles, ASTM D4072
  • ➢ Free Swelling Index (FSI), CSN D720-02, ISO 501
  • ➢ Calorific Value, D5865-02, D2015, D1989, ISO 1928
  • ➢ Major Oxides of Ash, D4326-01, D6349-01
  • ➢ Oxidation -% Transmittance, D5263-01
  • ➢ Total Chlorine, D4208-02
  • ➢ Hardgrove Grindability Index, HGI D409-02
  • ➢ Fixed Carbon 100 - Moisture-Ash-VM, D3172-02
  • ➢ CHN, Ash, S, O, by Difference from 100% Test, D5373-02, ISO 609
  • ➢ Fusibility of Ash - Reducing Atm./Oxizing Atm.,D1857-00
  • ➢ Trace Elements, D6357-00, D35683-00
  • ➢ Bulk Density - Coal/Coke, D291-02
  • ➢ Apparent/True Specific Gravity, D167-99
  • ➢ Manual Sampling of Stockpiles, D6610-01
  • ➢ Manual Sampling of Trains, D2234
  • ➢ Inspection of Sampling Plant, D4702
  • ➢ Total Fluorine, D3761-02
  • ➢ Fly-Ash Major Oxides, D4326-01, D6349-01
  • ➢ Fly-Ash Total Carbon, D5373-02
  • ➢ Fly-Ash Transportable Moisture Limit & Flow Moisture, IMO BC Code
  • ➢ Fly-Ash all other analysis as Coal & Coke Procedures, See Above