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Residual Radiation

Residual Radiation Estimation in Commodities

MODI LABORATORY Applied Radiation Centre (SARC) operates a state of the art Laboratory for the measurement of low level radioactive contamination / residue in a wide range of commodities like food stuff, farm products, water and effluent, dairy products, environmental samples and minerals.

Approvals / Recognitions

The Radioactivity Measurement Laboratory at SARC is accredited by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) of India, for certifying safe levels of residual radioactivity in commodities.

It is also ISO 9001 certified by DNV Netherlands for all its activities.

Services Available

The instrumentation available in the Radioactivity Measurement Laboratory can detect very low levels of alpha, beta and gamma radioactivity.

Products commonly tested are packaged drinking water, skimmed milk powder, spices, meat, ore samples, etc.

Requirements of The Samples For Contamination testing

Representative samples drawn from the lot should be sent to the laboratory in a well preserved state. Perishable samples like meat should be delivered in Ice-box to avoid spoilage. The sample quantity required is minimum 1 kg for solids and 1 liter for liquids. This should be accompanied by a covering letter giving detail of the sample, tests required and the limits to which the detection of the radioactivity is to be done.