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ETP Designing

ETP Designing & Maintenance

Modi Lab has a full fledged team of expert Environmental Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Structural & Mechanical Engineers to provide and design ETP, STP, CETP and other Anaerobic and Aerobic treatment systems and plants.

We are working for following categories of treatment options:

🔹 Industrial waste water and sewage treatment plants (anaerobic and aerobic)

🔹 Common Effluent Treatment Plants

🔹 Water Treatment Plants

🔹 Industrial waste water recycling and reuse

🔹 Effluent Conveyance Systems

🔹 Water Supply and Sanitation

We have specialized services for

🔹 Planning

🔹 Integrated Design

🔹 Operation and Maintenance of ETPs (Seasonal Contract)

🔹 Effluent Quality Analysis

🔹 Performance Analysis

🔹 System optimization and operation efficiency analysis