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HPLC Training

High Performance Liquid Chromatography(HPLC)

➥ This training program includes hardware and software introduction Outline of the HPLC training.

➥ Introduction to HPLC and basic principle of HPLC

➥ Brief introduction to manual injection valves, isocratic pumps and UV detection

➥ Make injection and run basic HPLC chromatogram.

➥ Effects of changing eluent composition, flow rate, column and detector • Making up an accurate mobile phase composition • Make flow path connections

➥ Basic precautions to avoid problems

➥ HPLC solvent selection

➥ Column: replacement, efficiency and capacity

➥ Introduction to chromatographic interpretation

➥ Introduction to sample preparation

➥ Introduction to autosamplers

➥ Safety: Working with small particle size materials, high pressures, UV radiation and electronic safety

➥ Peak identification

➥ Retention times and appropriate time windows for each peak